Our project implementation and transition was quite smooth. S RAJA always responded well whenever there was an issue to be sorted out.
I've always been pleased with S RAJA because their people are very supportive and are always willing to listen. Their accountant also takes the initiative and calls us with her questions or suggestions. I also feel that they understand our needs as an independent store.
The right company with the right kind of products, with the right people who understand the product, to sell the products in the right way
Variety of wooden floors and Rugs available is truly incomparable; additionally the service oriented approach of their staff is helping buyers choose the right product.
The widest and the best collection of flooring I have ever seen.
Customer focused. Innovative. A strong partner to us as an elearning vendor. You think about the business… strategically - feel like a partner and extension of our business. Not afraid to engage in constructive challenge to make us think differently."
"My number one supplier. Trustworthy and responsive. If I'm unable to help someone in the business that is new to learning I feel very confident that using S RAJA that they will be looked after."
S RAJA offered us the right expertise in product selection, working with us all the way to ensure our vision was met. The use of open right flooring in our business is a real milestone in our approach to learning. S RAJA support and service has made it possible to turn our vision to reality and in a really short timescale.
Fantastic! S SRAJA has developed a platform that delivers on every aspect of our initial brief; furthermore their fresh approach to some of our initial ideas means we now have a package that offers more than anything else.
"You guys saved me – it was the best vendor experience I’ve ever had."
"Genuinely improved the learning outcome. Feedback has been excellent."
"Exceptional product quality and a world-class implementation and support strategy."
S RAJA has been and continues to be an excellent partner in our efforts. They bring a great deal of experience from their many projects with the one of the largest variety of stock .